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The First Space Hotel To Open Its Doors In 2027

The next time you’re confined at home during a pandemic and thinking about your future trips, why not imagine vacationing in space instead of Bali or Venice?

Some of us may wish to explore the ultimate frontier as a location for our post-pandemic vacation plans because former pilot John Blincow’s Orbital Assembly Corporation plans to build a luxury space hotel in 2027. Voyager Station, the first commercial space hotel, will be able to accommodate 280 guests and 112 staff members once it is completed.


The Unrealistic Dream to Reality

Unrealistic Dream to reality, first commercial space hotel, space tourism

According to plans presented by the Gateway Foundation in 2019, the hotel might float above the Earth’s atmosphere one day. Then known as the Von Braun Station, a futuristic design comprising 24 modules joined by elevator shafts to form a revolving wheel circling the Earth was intended to be completely operational by 2027.

The building of the space hotel is anticipated to begin in 2026, and a stay in space may be a reality by 2027, according to Blincow in an interview.

“We’re trying to make people aware of the fact that the golden era of space exploration is just around the corner, and we’re doing our best to do that. It’s on the way. I can’t wait to see what happens next.”, Blincow chimed in.

Space tourism has caught the imagination of visionaries like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, ushering in a golden era. And it is with the latter that Blincow and his colleagues want to collaborate soon. Blincow stated they are not now partners with Elon Musk’s SpaceX but want to be soon. He expressed this on a recent live stream, telling spectators to “hold tight.”

“Space technology and support from Earth will be combined in Voyager Station to create a unique experience unlike anything else in human history. In terms of functionality, the toilets, showers, and beds will be the same as they are now on Earth.” 


Marvellous Architecture:

Marvellous Architecture, future space resort, voyager station

The structure of Voyager Station will comprise two concentric rings connected by a network of spokes, each of which will support a residential ring of huge modules.

The outer ring will serve as the station’s backbone and will include a type of inner tube. This inner tube will house the assemblage of housing modules, solar panels, radiators, and a rail transit system.

The resort will feature artificial gravity and will be able to seat 500 guests, as well as a gym, kitchen, restaurant, bar, and all the facilities that a hotel on Earth offers.

The ring of rooms will be built up of a succession of pressurized, linked, and enormous modules. It will have all the previously stated facilities, as well as a Crew Quarters module that can be configured for room by gravity or microgravity; and modules for research pursuits.

Parameters for the Station

  • Total Station Diameter: 200m 
  • Approximate Station Mass: 2,418 Metric Tons 
  • Compressed volume: 51,104 m3
  • ERVs (Emergency Response Vehicles): 44
  • Modules of Habitation: 24, with volume: 1,809 m3 & 12m diameter x 20m length

System of Energy:

  • Area of Solar Panels: 9,738 m2
  • Power output is estimated to be 2.2 MW.
  • 594 m2 Radiator Area

Construction of the Hull

  • Pressure Wall thickness: 4.8mm 2219-T7 aluminum
  • Kevlar 710 fabric will require a minimum of 6 layers.
  • Nextel AF-62 fabric will require a minimum of 6 layers.
  • Outer Wall thickness: 2mm 6060-T6 aluminum


How much will the hotel in space cost?

Previously, a journey to space might cost up to $25 million, which included staying in a Zero-G facility, using vacuums for toilets, sleeping in a sack attached to a wall, and living in a laboratory.

For the time being, the space hotel won’t comment on its lodging rates, but compared to previous prospective public space missions, it will be expensive. Virgin Galactic, for example, intends to take regular citizens into space for $250,000 per person, each trip. According to a statement from Voyager Station’s management, they plan to make a stay at the hotel equivalent to purchasing a cruise ticket.

As for the expense of sleeping under the stars, a little bird from National Geographic indicated that a three-day stay would cost about 5,000 dollars.


Utopian but Actual Features

space technology, voyager station, luxurious accommodations

Voyager Station will combine space technology with Earth comforts to create an experience unlike any other in history. Toilets, showers, and mattresses will work as they do on Earth.

It also includes luxurious accommodations that may be hired for a week, rented for a month or even acquired as a holiday home. 500 m2 is the size of these luxurious residences (5,300 sqft). They have a kitchen, three bathrooms and can sleep up to 16 people.

If you are travelling alone or with a companion, they also have hotel suites that are an excellent choice for a three-day getaway or a month-long rental. They are 30 m2 (320 sqft) in size and can accommodate up to two people with private bathrooms.


The Future

future space tourism, Voyager Station, latest technology

The next step in getting the Voyager Station off the ground is bringing in more investors and proceeding with ground tests.

This is how they explain Voyager Station on their website, “Space technology and comforts from Earth will be combined in Voyager Station to produce an experience unlike anything else in human history. In terms of functionality, the toilets, showers, and beds will be the same as they are now on Earth.”

The ultimate objective is to build a spaceship society where people go to space, live in space, work in space, and want to be in space. The future would host a demand for that.

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