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Strategic Use Of Technology To Drive Value For Travel Agencies

At the time when the pandemic caused unprecedented challenges for the global travel industry, simultaneously, it has also strengthened the industry with great opportunities to innovate, reform and emerge on the other side. Travel agencies in the current market are trying to remain stable and make their value and by themselves are reanalyzing their business partnerships, commercial business models and distribution agreements. As a result, they are hoping for operational efficiencies in order to reduce costs and at the same time meet customer expectations for personalized and automation services. 

In the new normal, modern technology is playing a major role in facilitating travel recovery, supporting the travel sector on the challenges it goes through and commencing the new trends of personalized travel that offers more chances for businesses as well a better travel experience for their customers.

In this article, we will be looking at the ways on how travel agencies can benefit from the strategic use of technology across three key areas – personalization, partnership and content.

Travel Expectations Are Growing

Travellers’ expectations and their preferences on travel were constantly changing before the pandemic. Currently, these expectations are intensified, and fresh expectations have appeared: 

  • Personalized Travel:

Today’s generation is well influenced by social media and digitization. These modern travellers who are attracted by the latest technology are looking for unique, new and memorable experiences, unlike the traditional services offered by the travel companies. Travellers demand customized travel packages, recommendations and deals that are completely tailored to meet the needs and desires of travel companies.

  • Seamless Travel Experience:

Travellers anticipate a stress-free experience throughout the travel journey, starting from planning to post-travel. Contactless technologies are a game-changer for a safe and stress-free travel experience for travellers who look for ways to minimize their physical contact with others throughout their journey.

  • Safety and Assurance:

Regarding travel safety, travellers are looking at travel as complex than ever before due to the uncertainties. All travellers are looking up to stakeholders in providing assurance to their safety and wellbeing during the journey.

  • Traveller Choices:

Nowadays, travellers are moving towards the popular, certain and trusted. People are choosing to stay near home, both domestic and regional. Their preferences are more travel-determined and show interest in wellness, and eco-friendly preferences continue. 

Use Of Technology To Meet Customer Expectations And Increase Value 

Leveraging technology into travel agency operations helps to deliver the customer expectations at the same time optimizing the revenue potential and expanding operational efficiencies to minimize costs.

With concerns to keep a balance and secure a competitive edge in this new normal, the key is choosing a stable technology partner, resources to keep investing and focusing on the development of advanced and new technology solutions.

More than a traditional content source, Clarity Travel Technology Solutions is notably positioned to be the leading marketplace providing personalized travel experiences and empowering travel agencies to meet their customer demands in the competitive edge. 

At the right time delivering the exact offering across all relevant channels, travel agents are in a place to deliver tailored solutions to their customers that will drive higher conversion rates and develop traveller loyalty. Overall, the strategic industry partnerships, world-class technology solutions, and robust GDS content help agencies expand their business opportunities, increase ancillary revenue, and optimize operational efficiencies to drive value through technology, reduce cost, and deliver end-to-end personalized travel experiences for their travellers.

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