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No Frequent Flyer Miles With Delta’s Basic Economy Tickets

Delta Airlines deprives its basic economy passengers of the benefit of frequent flyer miles. As a result, Delta becomes the first U.S. airline to make travellers who buy basic economy tickets no longer earn frequent flyer points in the SkyMiles Program. 

The SkyMiles Programme And The New Announcement

Passengers who booked Basic Economy tickets on or after December 9, 2021, for flights leaving on or after January 1, 2022, are ineligible to earn SkyMiles or credit towards Medallion Status, which means they are ineligible to earn MQM, MQS, or MQD.

The airlines were notified of the modification on December 9, 2021. Delta is headquartered in Atlanta and is the leading airline at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport. According to the SkyMiles programme. SkyMiles Members can earn miles depending on airfares, at a rate of 5 miles per USD paid on eligible tickets, covering the base fare and carrier-imposed surcharges. Miles are credited once the travel is complete.

To ease the impact, Delta announced that existing basic economy ticket holders could upgrade their tickets to earn reward points while paying no change fees for one future travel.

Prior to the pandemic, Delta’s basic economy fares did not allow for modifications. Earlier in the pandemic, Delta implemented a more liberal change policy across all fare classes. This was done to ease the flood of disgruntled tourists who faced hours-long delays on customer-care call lines.

According to the company’s statement, the basic economy rates were created for price-conscious clients who emphasize fares. Delta, on the other hand, feels that even such clients prefer flexibility.

The Public Opinion

Kyle Potter is the editor of Thrifty Traveler, a website dedicated to airfare deals and travel education. In response to Delta’s statement, he stated that Delta is the first airline to take such a step.

American Airlines, for comparison, does not allow its basic economy rates to count for its status programme, while United Airlines caps credits earned toward status for its base fares. However, both enable those fares to accrue points.

He also noted that people are protesting Delta’s move and are clamouring their disapproval on social media. He believes that this is the worst controversy since Sun Country stranded travellers in Mexico in 2018.

Potter stated that this is a blow to taxpayer-funded subsidies for Delta and other airlines at a time when travel is on the mend. He is disappointed, and he believes that most Delta’s budget-conscious passengers would be as well, given this shift in basic economy pricing.

How Has Frequent Flyer Miles Been So Far?

Since its inception, the approach and criteria for acquiring frequent flyer points have continually changed. First, the number of miles accumulated was determined by the distance travelled. Nowadays, however, it is all about the money paid on the ticket. Furthermore, it’s all about credit card travel advantages, such as specific airlines offering their own credit card rewards programmes.

These programmes have only benefited airlines, notably during times like the pandemic, and more subsequently, in terms of successfully partnering with credit card firms.

Pricing With Cabin Segmentation

Delta and other airlines embarked on cabin partitioning at the same time as frequent flyer programmes evolved. Airlines were able to give distinct bonuses and limitations with different pricing levels thanks to this segmentation. This aided the airlines in attracting a diverse range of consumers. They were especially successful in attracting budget-conscious consumers who had previously chosen low-cost and ultra-low-cost carriers like Spirit, Frontier, and Sun Country.

First-class and coach cabins are nothing new, but segmentation was all about marketing experiences and the minor changes between classes to boost revenue and profit.

Delta’s Basic Economy Ticket Offers?

Delta’s basic economy tickets provide the lowest rates but the fewest benefits. For example, the seats will not be allocated until check-in, the last one to board the plane, and a group will not be offered seats next to one other. Furthermore, prices vary significantly based on the location and dates of travel.

Latest Delta Update

In a recent update, Delta Airlines introduced a new route to Europe. This adds Delta to the club of a growing number of U.S. carriers, announcing route extensions. Beginning June 1, daily flights will be available between New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) and Sweden’s Stockholm Arlanda Airport (ARN). Delta will now travel to 20 European locations next year as a result of the expansion.

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