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Latest Prediction On Rental Car Shortage For Upcoming Holiday Travel

The covid-19 pandemic has changed the way we survive and travel the world; however, there is a remarkable aspect of the impact that covid has created on travel, a surge in the rental car prices in the United States and Canada.

If you plan to rent a car for the nearing holiday vacation, better you can book the car in advance as soon as possible. It is a severe car rental shortage caused by the global pandemic and the lockdowns across nations. As a result of the shortage crisis, many car rental companies sold their stock to make up for the lack of demand. Finally, now, the companies don’t have enough cars to satisfy the demand and desire of Americans to hit the street with a rental car.

As the holiday season is approaching, the car rental shortage and the hike in pricing are predicted to continue. An expert car rental company has analyzed data from its car rental searches and predicted an increase in holiday demand to up to 230 percent compared to the pre-pandemic level. Alongside, average rental car prices per day are still increasing to 75 percent, which is higher than 2019 prices. 

Car rental pricing can also be less expensive than others, but that differs solely from different travel destinations. According to data analyzed by car rental company experts, there are a list of the top least expensive cities and top most expensive cities for car rentals so that you can understand in which city you need to rent a car and where you definitely shouldn’t

To fight this struggle, rental car companies buy used cars, retain vehicles for more extended periods than usual, and reshuffle fleets from locations once the corporate travellers overlook it. However, despite these efforts taken by the car rental companies, they are still operating with fewer stocks in the system than usual and expected that they may not have complete inventory until 2023.

Favourably, travel levels typically boost up during this time of the year. For now, the average car rental prices are quite lower than the high prices we have witnessed throughout the summer. But, don’t just hold onto this good news if you have plans to take any winter holiday in the near future. It’s great news for travellers that fortunately, these high prices possibly won’t be as high when compared to the summer season, but still, they will be “quite pricey.”

What is the way for customers to get around this car rental price hike?

The best way to get rid of this price hike is to reserve your rental car at least two weeks before to avail of good pricing. Also, to escape from the car rental shortage, it’s apparently better to reserve a rental car even earlier.

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