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Introducing ClarityNDC, A Subscription-Based NDC Marketplace

The recent buzz around the travel industry is the NDC marketplace, the silver button solution for travel suppliers. The new XML-based standard of transmitting data introduced by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) is a positive thing that allows airlines to distribute their travel content in real-time and facilitates more transparency with pricing. In addition, NDC (New Distribution Capability) empowers airlines to make personalized offers and sell ancillary services like extra baggage fees, extra legroom, special meals, etc. As a result, most airlines and travel suppliers find NDC as a better way to sell and market rich content across everyone and improve the travel industry experience.

The Canada-based Clarity Travel Technology Solutions, an IATA-certified NDC provider, developed ClarityNDC. The platform distributes New Distribution Capability airline content to airlines and travel retailers through a new subscription-based marketplace.

ClarityNDC is available to travel businesses via affordable monthly subscription packages that meet their business needs. In addition, customers can manage their own parameters in the portal, setting credit limits for sub-agencies, generating transaction reports, issuing refunds and cancellations, and choosing from a variety of ancillary services.

ClarityNDC said it would make it easier for airlines and travel businesses to search, compare, get ready to book, ancillaries and related services using the emerging NDC standard of IATA. Seek competitive fares from a wide range of airlines and expand your travel content with rich media and ancillary services.

The Global Distribution System (GDS) incentives are not affected because travellers can login with their own credentials and pay using their own payment method on ClarityNDC.

Avoiding GDS surcharges can save on distribution fees for NDC content while avoiding surcharges from airlines. ClarityNDC connects dozens of NDC-certified and low-cost carriers with GDSs, regardless of their schemas, standards, or versions, through ClarityNDC, an IATA Level 4 NDC Certified Aggregator.

The platform allows travel agents to manage staff permissions and roles and to add markups using multiple currencies.

In the event that airlines receive specific information about consumer shopping, they can create and distribute tailored offers.

NDC adoption has been slow due in large part to the lack of consistent NDC Agency Portals deployed by airlines and the wide variety of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) offered by NDC certified airlines in addition to low-cost carriers already-existing storefronts.

In order to search and compare the cheapest offers, agents have to toggle through different screens to do so, or they may pay additional surcharges for NDC bookings made through traditional channels or soon will be charged a distribution fee.

Travel agents can tap into the benefits of both traditional and low-cost channels with ClarityNDC, which combines content from both channels on one screen, as well as rich content from ClaritySSO.com

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