Increasing Revenue for OTA’s
There are two sides to each story, though the impact of the World Wide Web is debatable in terms of social and cultural terms, the potential it holds in the commercial front is undeniable. As always, we at Clarity TTS are determined to focus on the positives of today.
The advance made in Technology and communication has enabled businesses to restructure their operations in a far more effectual manner and paved the way to implement many of the futuristic products and processes along the way.
The recent boom in the air travel industry is all thanks to the introduction of IATA’s New Distribution Capability that has been successful in overcoming the limitations it faced up until the recent past. While everything seems to be set in motion for airlines and air travel agents to move their game up a notch, it really is up to each individual organization to go all out to establish their market share in an industry that is rapidly transforming in to the most competitive market.
These are few of the things you can go to get the ball rolling!
Looks matter.
Though many would not come forward to say it out loud in todays “inclusive” world, the law of attraction is very much a real thing and pretty much a part of everything that goes on in the world today. Needless to say this universal fundamental is also applicable to all the businesses out there.
What are the atrocious budgets for marketing and advertising doing?
While the quality of your product or service is what will finally retain your customer, it is your brand’s presence across audio and visual Medias that will initially trigger customer engagement which will gradually convert into a sale.
For OTAs the stakes are even higher as their scope to appeal to the customer is very limited as they have to go head on with the websites of the respective airlines and hotels that are supported by the infrastructure of a brilliantly designed business model.
Therefore, it is imperative for any Internet Booking Engine to establish and maintain an updated and user friendly interface that seizes the customer’s interest. We at Clarity TTS have managed to develop an IBE, which is at its best use with cutting edge technology.
The relevance of the content you publish speaks volumes for your standing in business and it tells a lot more about you than what it does. Therefore, while you play up the technology and systems of your website it is important for you to keep in mind that it needs to remain relevant. Get free advice from our digital marketing experts who thrive to boost your revenue.
Approach to social media.
A huge part of being relevant stems from the effort you put into your presence in social media platforms such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. As an OTA it is important for your Internet Booking Engine to spread your marketing resources across all trending social media platforms as it is the way to work up your website to the top pages in the “search” results. Moreover, for OTAs this could be a precedent for potential sales.
Make your website an opportunity for avid travelers to share their experiences and places of interest with pictures and memoires of their travels. This is bound to brew up brand awareness and create a consistent fan following that will do wonders for your receivables.
Prompt response
This is self-explanatory. Nobody likes to be kept waiting .This is especially true for anybody who has taken the conscious decision to make their purchases online. In order to ensure that you meet your customers’ needs you must closely monitor the inquiries and reviews that come in your way.
Our innovative Internet Booking Engine, Clarity IBE allows just that. Features aimed at saving time, growing sales and generating more bookings faster. Influences the trend of travel booking and includes a compilation of all fares – including private fares.