Goodbye 2021: A Quick Glance At ClarityTTS’s Top 10 Blogs Of The Year

What a weird year 2021 was! It might be true that we all were so happy to get out of 2021 with no regrets and looking forward to welcoming 2022 with a motivated spirit. As we say goodbye to the previous year and welcome the new year by preparing for 2022, this article is a quick reflection of the overall top 10 blogs of the year 2021. Clarity Travel Technology Solutions has analyzed the overall blogs and evaluated the top 10 blogs based on what you were reading.

1. Electric Flights – The Latest Zero-Emission Technology

The latest venture of Textron Aviation brings back the commercial aviation sector a step nearer to an electrified future with the assistance of Surf Air Mobility. Hybrid automobiles are the standard in today’s world, but it took some time for the same green technology to permeate the commercial aviation industry.

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2. Use Of Technology In The Post-COVID Era To Manage Your Digital Footprint

What does post-covid travel look like? Can it be handled safely? Or do all the safety protocols be complied with? How will this recovery look? It is likely to be accepted that few things might not look as they were before when individuals pack their bags and get aboard a flight again. As huge data is needed to travel more than ever before, travel may include greater data privacy risks.

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3. Innovating VTOL Aircraft Might Revolutionize Local Air Travel

Air travel is becoming more advanced because of various developments, and there are several ways to drive the air travel sector ahead. With a revolutionary vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) aircraft, Craft Aerospace hopes to make city-to-city travel easier, faster, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly. A VTOL aircraft is nothing but a jet that can take off vertically. The firm has raised $3.5 million in investment for the same.

Craft Aerospace,top blogs of the year, 2021 trending blogs

4. 7 Major Technological Factors Impacting The Business Travel Industry

A solid technical foundation is essential to success not only for business travel agencies but also for the whole tourism and hospitality sector and the ability to adapt rapidly to changing consumer demands. Technology is more vital than ever to have a function that interacts directly with customers. For the most outstanding service, the best firms invest in Technology, and the operations become efficient, and it’s a win-win situation.

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5. The 5 Benefits Of Adopting NDC For Business Travellers

Using NDC, airlines may better share their product offerings via indirect distribution channels, increasing efficiency and flexibility while also providing more pertinent details to the traveller. In addition, it is a novel approach to selling and acquiring airline-related items emerging in the travel industry. As a result, corporate travellers, business travel agents, and corporations may all take advantage of more unique and tailored deals from airlines by using channels like ClarityTTS. NDC may be used in a variety of ways to assist business travellers.

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6. 5 Perks of Using Travel Technology Software

In the travel and tourism industry, technology has elevated every business to a new level of comfort and collaboration between travel agents and customers. In today’s travel market, every travel company must be well-versed in the functioning of travel technology software solutions. Everyone in the travel industry, from airlines to travel agencies to tour operators to corporate businesses, needs travel technology solutions to help their business succeed and endure for a long time.

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7. Use of AI, ML And Big Data In Travel And Hospitality Industry

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data analytics bring a revolution in the travel and hospitality industry and make it the digitally advanced traveller nation. As the business environment gets competitive day by day, customer expectations are increasing, and the time is ripe to provide exceptional travel services to customers.

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8. Omicron Spreads Uncertainty In The Budding Recovery Of Air Travel

The new covid variant Omicron has put global airlines under severe pressure than in previous years. As the new variant appeared, over 1,50,000 flights scheduled globally were slashed by airlines through the 1st of February, 2021. Some of the rapid and still-evolving border restrictions concerning the omicron variant have again deluged the demand for travel by throwing the long-awaited air travel recovery into uncertainty. 

new covid variant Omicron, top blogs of the year, 2021 trending blogs

9. 3 Effective Ways To Improve Travel And Hotel Bookings Using AI Solutions

Almost in several industries, the covid-19 pandemic has played a vital role in accelerating technology adoption, speeding up the digital transformation by seven years. Specifically, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been the cutting edge of these developments. At the moment, a significant number of companies are utilizing AI technology for several factors like product enhancements, and a study confirms that around $15.7 trillion could be contributed by AI to the global economy within 2030. 

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10. Major US Airlines Concerned About 5G Wireless Disrupting Flight Operations

The major US airlines are worried and have cautioned that if AT&T and Verizon Communications employ spectrum for 5G wireless services, flight operations will be disrupted, costing travellers US$1.6 billion in delays per year. Airlines for America (A4A) summarized the ramifications of a new Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) rule addressing possible interference from wireless signals going into effect in 2019.

major US airlines, top blogs of the year, 2021 trending blogs

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