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Employing PR to Attract Workers In The Hospitality Industry

In recent years, the hotel sector, in particular, has had difficulty hiring and keeping workers as unemployment rates have declined and immigration and work visa requirements have been tightened. Some firms can, however, take steps to build a strong staff.

U.S. labor scarcity will be one of the top business stories in 2021, especially in the leisure and hospitality industry. Several factors have been identified as contributing to the shortfall, including a lack of daycare, fear of Covid-19, and increased unemployment benefits.

Are there public relations strategies you can use to recruit employees if you run a restaurant, hotel, or other hospitality business? People’s feelings about working in the business might be tapped as a solution. Hospitality sector management, recruiting, and retention methods are important.

Despite a low unemployment rate of 3.7 percent in the United States, its lowest level in over 50 years, the fight for talent isn’t likely to stop anytime soon. However, there are a few things that hospitality businesses can do to attract and keep talented staff who can help fuel a good client experience. We’ll look at five techniques in this article.


Specialize your employees’ experience with your company

Please treat them with extra care. Make sure to express your gratitude for their efforts. You could want to put up a bulletin board in the break room where staff can write comments on how they went the extra mile to make customers happy. Enthusiastically thank a server in front of the table they are now serving. In front of hotel visitors, thank the housekeeping crew for their hard work and professionalism. They’ll tell their buddies why they’re glad if they feel appreciated. Maybe their friends may begin to believe that working with you might be a smart idea in the future.

Staff’s mindset may be changed from ‘short-term employment’ to ‘long-term career’ by emphasizing the influence that a frontline associate has on the guest’s overall experience and how it can transfer into professional prospects. As a result, the worker may better visualize themselves within the company.


Boast about the specialties of your staff publicly

Purchase a series of modest advertisements in your local newspaper to praise your staff. Make it clear in the ad what the person accomplished that was so exceptional that it does not appear to be a standard, uninspired employee of the month program. Run these advertisements periodically when events to celebrate occur. It is also necessary to include an image of the employee in order to convey your good intentions and genuine gratitude for the employee’s hard work. You can bet that the highlighted employee will tell their peers about this ad, which will keep people talking about it. It may also entice their friends or family to want to work with you. This is also a method of attracting a qualified workforce.


Pamper them with stunning goodies with your logo

Consider purchasing a beautiful backpack, jacket, or sweater with your logo on it to present to your staff as fashionable goodies. By wearing your logo in their daily lives, they remind others they are pleased to work for you and boost your brand’s awareness wherever they go. The same reasons for their motivation drive not all workers. Associates may progress at their speed and be motivated by their unique “motivational drivers” using sales programs that incorporate individual rewards, tailored training, and comprehensive data. Goodies can also be used to motivate employees.


Reward them for blogging on your sites

Restaurants and hotels with blogs on their websites are more likely to be read since they are distinctive. Treat your employees to write on your blog about their experiences at your firm. If you know some workers will be complimentary, you can keep the right to change what they write — but be careful not to convert a friend into an adversary by overstepping your bounds. Businesses must be able to tell wonderful tales about how they’ve mentored, challenged, and supported their workers’ progress in this competitive labor market.


Publish strap-lined articles about insider life

Offer to write a series of bylined articles for industry trade journals regarding the hotel sector. The work should be described as fascinating and the working atmosphere as friendly, but don’t be afraid to embellish a little yet honestly. Quotations from employees and former employees about what they learnt on the job and how it equipped them for success in later life. It’s important to stress the importance of the employee’s position continually and how it may improve the visitor experience, both in-person and on social media, notably LinkedIn and Instagram.

To produce significant results and reap the benefits, these activities require the assistance of a qualified expert. Therefore, hiring a public relations agency to manage your day-to-day public relations needs is highly recommended.

Furthermore, it is critical to have a specialized PR team within the organization, and it is vital to realize that PR requires a distinct skill set than an advertising or sales job. Therefore, a professional with a distinct set of abilities is needed to create appealing content and understand how the media works. 

You have a fighting chance of attracting people back to the sector if you can tap into the good feelings that accompany hospitality employment and the sense of accomplishment it provides for so many employees.

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