NDC, New Distribution Capability, ClarityTTS, Hahn Air Partner

The fast-paced travel industry is indeed a roller coaster ride. Every travel company needs to remain abreast of the latest technologies to be successful. Hahn Air has perfected the art of staying current and relevant, as seen by its supremacy in the airline distribution and ticketing sectors for over 20 years. To be in line with their progressive attitude, the German scheduled and executive charter airline has collaborated with Clarity Travel Technology Solutions Inc. ClarityTTS is an IATA Certified Level 4 New Distribution Capability Distribution Aggregator. It will let travel service providers effortlessly merge with Hahn Air’s NDC platform, which has over 350 partner airlines.   Because of Covid-19’s impact, airlines & travel agencies are now more aware of the necessity to work together to create a streamlined and reliable system. ‘We anticipate NDC will play a vital role in the industry’s rehabilitation after COVID-19,’ said Christopher Allison, Director of Hahn Air’s NDC. Consequently, they are elated to partner with a technology-focused partner like ClarityTTS that shares their values. Clarity’s clients could make their customers travel around the globe again with access to approximately 350 partner airlines of Hahn Air’s NDC material, he added.   ClarityTTS Director of Business Development Almas Chaumette had a similar attitude, saying, “NDC is the future of our travel retail market, and we’re delighted to be able to assist with Hahn Air NDC deployments for our travel trade partners. Because of Covid-19, the travel industry has been significantly damaged, and we must all work together to assist it to move ahead. The attention of our partners has shifted dramatically during the downtime, reinforcing the value of our technology in today’s environment and the need to continue to optimize what technology has to offer. We have a sophisticated travel marketplace platform called ClaritySSO (www.claritysso.com) where our travel trade partners can sign up and begin booking Hahn Air NDC prices straight away for their clients. The globe is becoming more accessible, and visitors are ready to discover and step forth once more. ClarityTTS and Hahn Air are working hard to meet those expectations with expertise and exquisite service.”

About ClarityTTS

Clarity Travel Technology Solutions Ltd. is a worldwide travel technology firm. It is headquartered in Canada and has offices in the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Sri Lanka, and Australia. For the past eight years, ClarityTTS has been a globally recognized firm for providing innovative technology for the tourism sector. Visit our website for further information.

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