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What is Clarity Risk Management System?

Risk is never dormant. In today’s complex, interwoven systems, risk management has never been more vital. However, if you have an effective Risk Management System in place, it is not complicated or time-consuming. A well-designed system allows you to handle all aspects of your travel risk management from the comfort of your place.

Risk management in travel refers to the security measures made available to travellers while making online transactions. It is essentially a responsibility for your customers’ payment instruments to be safe & secure.

Manual operations in risk management are not extinct. Companies create specific risk management systems to give continuous assistance to passengers and collect all essential data while making transactions. 

Clarity Risk Management system has software, which is typically depicted by a command panel that collects all the essential capabilities in a single interface to monitor, transmit, and store data, as well as construct knowledge.

ClarityRMS enables you to give 24/7 help and protection to your business travellers while they make online payments. This entails having access to a worldwide support network. It will enable you to locate your travellers’ positions in real-time to identify fraud accounts. ClarityRMS identifies any unwanted attempts to hack your customer accounts by constantly authenticating customers from login to logout, automatically identifying and blocking robotic hijack threats with sophisticated machine learning, and receiving real-time decisions from signup to checkout.

Why Choose ClarityRMS?

Clarity’s Risk Management System will assist you in meeting your duty of care responsibilities while also giving your travellers the confidence they require by making online transactions safe and secure.

We add the most value by collaborating with you to design a best-fit programme tailored for your travel business while merging with your existing procedures and productive capacity.

We have over a decade of expertise and, unlike others, do not rely on third-party vendors to supply critical programme aspects. Hence, you can rely on a single vendor, a seamless integration strategy, and the most time and cost-effective solutions to satisfy your responsibilities and assist your travellers.

Our Risk Management System can detect weaknesses and hazards connected with your business operations. With ClarityRMS’ sophisticated fraud protection and revenue loss detection tools, we ensure that every transaction is secure, genuine, and robust.

ClarityRMS software enables you to manage transactional risks by providing tools for obtaining real-time data on financial activities carried on. ClarityRMS allows you to detect and prevent fraudulent transactions even before they are authorized by the bank. It allows for cleaner traffic and higher approval rates. This will save you even more money since we will reduce needless screening and approval expenses.

ClarityRMS also offers a tracking and analytics platform to assist you in managing your clients’ booking risks.

ClarityRMS provides 100% data visibility and a sound business strategy. We provide the best solution for you by constantly developing and refining our technological platforms. 

We offer experienced guidance throughout the risk phase, including pre-authorization fraud prevention, risk assessments, fraud detection, and crisis management. We let you stay connected, updated, informed, organized, vigilant, and prepared to face all the situations in your travel business.

Product Offerings

Clarity’s Risk Management System helps you keep track of your passengers’ records up to date on critical seasonal fluctuations with some of the travel security apparatus. Clarity Travel Technology Solutions continue to provide more travel services and technological features for your travel business to thrive in the evolving travel marketplace.

IP Geolocation

An IP address contains more information than simply its geolocation, ASN, ISP, and domain name. Every month, ClarityRMS’s IP Intelligence Ecosystem processes gigabytes of data to derive valuable insights. We allow you to get accurate date and time information and local time from an IP address, GPS coordinates, and time zone string. 

We place a high value on speed. To avoid disc and file operations, we put our indexed DataBase into fast memory. As a result, we have the quickest IP Geolocation service, with a very short average response time.


   Global Availability

    Database Accuracy

   High-speed Services

Device Fingerprinting

ClarityRMS comes with the most innovative device fingerprinting capability. Device fingerprinting is a method of identifying a digital device, such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone, depending on the specific settings. The aim is to link online and offline identities. 

Device fingerprinting eliminates some complexities associated with other methods of consumer tracking. ClarityRMS gives more to the device fingerprinting feature.


   eCommerce Fraud Protection

    Accurate User Tracking

   Bypassing Cookies

Account Protection

To protect our accounts from an expert hacker is a Herculean task. But we’re smarter than those professional hackers. With ClarityTTS’s expertise and innovative technology, we make it a piece of cake to protect your and your customers’ accounts.

ClarityGRM detects any unauthorized attempts to hack your customer accounts by continually authenticating consumers from login to log out, automatically recognizing and preventing automated takeover threats using powerful machine learning, and getting real-time decisions from registration to checkout.


   Automated Fraudulent Card Spotting

    Forehanded Fraud Prevention

   Minimize Chargebacks

Advanced Fraud Check Parameters

Businesses take precautions to protect themselves from fraudsters. Organizations must guarantee that they accept only legal transactions and enable fast credentials for their anti-fraud strategy to be effective. Any fraud risk management plan must include a mechanism for detecting and preventing fraud. 

ClarityRMS offers advanced fraud check parameters that allow for real-time transaction screening and reviews automation, deep insights into user behaviour, false-positive reduction, and real-time operations tracking and reporting.


   Multiple Protection Layers

    Observance of Security Requirements

   24/7 Customer Support

Customized Risk Assessment Rule Engine

We create sophisticated and specific rules for the defence of fraudulent transactions by utilizing the insights and experience of the fraud business.

ClarityRMS’s risk assessment intelligence is completely incorporated with our Rules Engine and distributed instantly and automatically. We offer international access to information from numerous sources, through a variety of business models, to meet the needs of your clients.


   High-end Customization

    Automated Rule Engine

   Big-Data Utilization

Payment Protection

Payment protection reduces false declines while also reducing e-commerce scam expenses by detecting and stopping fraud before it occurs. ClarityRMS’s sophisticated machine learning enables you to drive more approvals. We provide custom fraud protection solutions that meet your particular risks and business strategy.

We enable you to communicate directly with financial institutions in order to increase the accuracy of risk assessments. Payment Protection provides your clients with additional peace of mind when they book via our website.


   Transaction Fraud Protection

    Trusted Authorization

   Chargeback Guarantee

Policy Abuse Protection

Creating a promotional campaign should enhance sales rather than decrease earnings. It is important to establish a policy that protects against misuse to have a successful advertising campaign.

ClarityRMS implements promotional and coupon regulations in real-time with real-time judgments. With our global network of partners, we assist you in identifying and blocking promotion offenders.  Resellers and reshippers might be subject to similar policies and protection. We also design bespoke advertising campaigns for your company.ClarityRMS safeguards against and detects fraudulent Item-Not-Received assertions. We provide customized solutions to precisely implement your company’s regulations in real-time.


   Returns Abuse Protection

    Promotion Abuse Protection

   Reseller Abuse Protection

Customer Due Diligence

Customer Due Diligence is the act of doing background checks on customers to verify that they are correctly risk-assessed before onboarding. When a company engages in a commercial relationship with a client or a potential customer, it must do customer due diligence. 

Because ClarityRMS offers a full suite of solutions, there is no need to maintain several connectors from various vendors. It can also assist in future-proofing your firm by allowing you to turn on additional services as your needs evolve.


   Eliminates Sophisticated Threats

    Seamless Customer Experience

   High-Speed CDD Process


Increase your understanding of your travellers’ personal and financial information and keep them secure.

ClarityRMS provides comprehensive business risk management solutions that provide actionable information to guarantee your business can grow and flourish in an unpredictable environment.