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What is Clarity New Distribution Capability?

New Distribution Capability changes the way how air products are retailed to travel businesses by allowing airlines to get unique and customized products to retail more swiftly, providing buyers access to a rich & wide range of content, and making the buying process more transparent.

The major reason for deploying NDC in your business is the revenue opportunity. NDC unfastens perfection through the travel agent channel by presenting it with features and content that is challenging to obtain today.

Why Choose ClarityNDC?

Complementing your existing GDS, Clarity New Distribution Capability enables you to devise, distribute, and serve offers and dynamic content. It enables you to formulate and augment fares, ancillaries and dynamic packages and serve customers in their preferred channel of choice. It helps you explore competitive fares from a wide range of airlines and expand your sales with rich content and ancillaries.

ClarityNDC enables you to deliver brand-new products prompt to market and grant a shopping experience as per customer’s preferences. We enable both IATA & Non- IATA agents, allowing them to retail air tickets and ancillaries.

ClarityNDC allows airlines to share dynamic content with Travel Agents, OTAs and TMCs without needing a GDS through their APIs. We provide a single integration with all major airlines while handling all the improvements and upgrades. ClarityNDC handles the complexities of direct airline distribution.

ClarityNDC facilitates prompt adoption of NDC at a lower cost to your travel business using a Single NDC API. It is open to any third party, delegate, travel provider or non-IATA member to execute and use. We provide complete ancillary support that comprises luggage, seats, meals and countless more ancillaries. Profound competition typically results in reduced prices.

NDC (New Distribution Capability) is how airlines have bypassed exercising GDS as it allows travel businesses to sell ancillary products like seat upgrades with its robust data transfer and updated technology. It involves extreme complexity and immense efforts to integrate with each airline directly. To escape from the complex step of integration of the NDC’S of multiple airlines, ClarityNDC does it for you.

By deploying NDC, you can negotiate ancillary products & services that include seats, WiFi, lounge allowance, checked bags,  meals. Framing these perks may not only enhance the travel experience but succeed in vital ancillary savings over a period. ClarityNDC helps you decrease your business operating expenses, time-consuming techniques, documentation processes and raises the benefits of different pricing options.

ClarityNDC provides rich content that permits airlines to bundle ancillary services with their flights, assist them in separating themselves from their competitors, present numerous customized offers, and ultimately boost your revenue. You can provide your clients exceptional deals that they’re looking for with our cutting-edge solutions, whether you’re commencing with selling and dynamic pricing or opting for a complete offer optimization. Through NDC, airlines can exhibit higher-quality information regarding their products & services than through the GDS.

Product Offerings

Clarity’s New Distribution Capability transforms how the travel industry sells flight-related products and intensifies the system with modern APIs. Clarity Travel Technology Solutions continue to provide more travel services and technological features for your travel business to thrive in the evolving travel marketplace.

Rich Content & Ancillaries

Over the last few years,   the ancillary market has expanded swiftly due to airlines demanding to use certain third-party platforms and discover other methods to adapt to the increasing demands and obstacles that GDS compelled them to deal with. NDC can add features like purchasing seats, upgrades, meals, and car rentals (which GDS failed to provide). 


   Competitive Advantage

    Innovative Strategies

   Increased Revenue

Accessibility To Low Fares

Airlines allow multiple fares for the same flight to give travellers adaptability – based on their needs. Travellers can choose a cheap fare with no scope to modify or a premium fare that can be modified and refunded. Certain airlines have started eliminating their cheapest fare orders from the GDSs to support travel sellers to shift to NDC.


   Increase in Demand

    Revenue Generation

   Enhanced Customer Experience

Direct Airline Inventory Access

ClarityNDC equips you with direct access to the booking system of major airlines. We provide you with access to published, private, negotiated, and corporate fares, and as a result, the inventory you offer to your customers will rise abundantly.


   Vast Inventory

    Real-Time Pricing

   Supports All Business


Airlines should share all the information with complete transparency required by the travellers that help them make decisions before booking travel. Travellers can effectively compare the fares that every airline offers and can flight routes offered at the same price by different airlines.


   Consumer Trust

    Smoother Operation

   Build Client Relationship

Multi-Currency & Multilingual

Assists in handling your purchases and sales in the language and currency of your customers. Our Multi-currency module helps travel businesses save time by efficiently managing their multiple currencies and exchange rates. The multi-currency module facilitates travel businesses to price their products and services in various currencies of major countries.


   Reach Global Customers

    Appealing To Consumers

   Multi-channel Transactions

Integrated Booking Engine 

A Single NDC API integration establishes an integration between an airline and a booking engine while managing the improvements and upgrades. We help you cut down costs to your travel business by availing and managing every NDC Airline integration.


   Market Adoption

    Cost Reduction

   New Features & Upgrades


Run Your Travel Business in a Whole New Way

We’re dedicated to serving our clients make the best decision for their travellers. NDC, however, is just one area of focus within the propagation of travel technology, and we give utmost attention to focusing on the benefits to the customer.