Clarity Internet Booking Engine

Key Benefits

  • – Access to NDC content
  • – Multiple GDS
  • – Sell LCCs
  • – Integrations
Interactive booking engine that seamlessly integrates into all travel websites across the board – allowing you to save time, grow sales and generate more bookings.
Access to NDC Content
Rich content to serve travelers with a wide range of services in an orderly manner for the best booking experience.
Inventory from Multiple GDS
Compare and prompt inventory across all GDS in order to accommodate a more flexible travel schedule.
Integrate to any IPG
Seamless integration to any internet payment gateway from any part of the world, multi-currency payment option.
Download Mobile App
100% responsive designs. Give your customers the option to make a booking while on the go, available in App store and Play store.
Advanced Admin Console
Advanced reporting modules for informed decision-making. Analyze customer behaviors, campaigns and sales from a single login.
Sell Low Cost Carriers
Serve a more varied client base with budget friendly airfares. Get your travelers to book exclusive fares on low cost carriers.
More Bookings, More Revenue. Digitize with ClarityIBE
Keep up to the beat of the drums. We allow you to save time, grow sales and generate more bookings with an easy to integrate booking engine.
Being updated is important as being in the business. Travel business and technology are rapidly changing games, hence stay smart and keep up with the pace.
We bring you the latest updates in the industry.