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What is Clarity Internet Booking Engine?

Did you know that your website is the face of your company? It helps you to establish credibility and your brand as a business. Having a strong online presence can make or break you from generating more revenue.

Internet Booking Engine is a search engine of any travel website that facilitates your booking process and helps you search for flight tickets, hotel bookings, dynamic packages, car rentals, or insurance packages through the internet. Upon selecting any services, the Internet Booking Engine allows you to book the travel product using any preferred payment gateway.

In short, the Internet Booking Engine acts as an intermediary for travel consumers and travel suppliers.

You need to provide a booking experience for your customer more than just making them look at the images, videos or blog articles. The Internet Booking Engine allows you to convert the users into potential customers by actually booking the services without leaving your website. It is the pathway for converting your customers into revenue for any travel business.

With Clarity’s powerful and technologically built internet booking engine, travel suppliers can offer travel products online across any environment, whether a B2B or B2C platform.

Why Choose ClarityIBE?

ClarityIBE is a powerful travel Internet Booking Engine exclusively designed for travel agents, travel agencies and consolidators to automate the end-to-end booking process that enables all sized travel businesses to search, book, modify and manage bookings. 

Clarity’s Internet Booking Engine is not just a simple booking engine but a fully-featured booking management system that provides integrated travel solutions by offering content management, revenue management, marketing automation and completely-packed IBE features. 

We provide a user-friendly web-based interface that supports your travel business with access to the multi-GDS content source, multi-payment gateways, multilingual and multi-currency support. As per the comfort of customers, they can change the language and currency during the reservation process.

Our Internet Booking Engine comprises an advanced and responsive booking interface that offers a seamless user experience, specially enhanced for cross-device and browser compatibility.

ClarityIBE connects travel suppliers with distinct content systems worldwide through an all-in-one API solution. We allow you to search relevant travel products as per the customer’s requirements, search for special fares, and make bookings. Once the booking is confirmed, ClarityIBE will automatically generate a booking confirmation document with reservation details and directly mail it to the customer.

With ClarityIBE, you get instant access to rich NDC content, private fares, LCC fares, and all-GDS travel content with competitive pricing options for more conversions. Alongside, we help travel suppliers to manage and adjust real-time inventories across all content sources that makes it easy and flexible for travel schedules.

ClarityIBE is hosted on cloud-based infrastructure consisting of secured hardware and software elements intended to support the delivery of cloud services to the customer from anywhere.

Our Internet Booking Engine is built with an automated ticketing system that is highly customizable and fully automated for the instant response of searching, booking and ticketing services.

Our dedicated infrastructure also provides you with the platform to grow your business revenue online and offers you high performance with direct sales opportunities.

Product Offerings

Clarity’s Internet Booking Engine enables you to offer superior services to your customers that prove most of your potential amid the competition. Clarity Travel Technology Solutions continue to provide more travel services and technological features for your travel business to thrive in the evolving travel marketplace.

Flexible Ancillary Products

In order to purchase an add-on service or buy additional products, the ancillary services get into action. Clarity’s Internet Booking Engine allows travel suppliers to place ancillary products at the time of flight booking or check-in processes.


   Increased Commissions

    Customer Retention

   Simplified Travel Planning

Customized Booking Engine

With ClarityIBE, you can fine-tune your booking effortlessly through our customized booking engine overloaded with enhanced features like an intelligent calendar with options to choose alternative dates and airports. It gives the flexibility for users in converting them into potential customers.


   Smart Insights

    Automated Communication

   Data-driven Sales

Dynamic Packaging

ClarityIBE offers your customers the choice to build their own itineraries by combining different travel products like flights, hotels, car rentals, insurance packages within the same booking instead of purchasing a pre-defined package. As per the customer demands, we help them reach multiple services in a single search.


   High Profit Margin

    Discounted Fares

   In-Built Flexibility

CMS & Module Implementation

Clarity’s Internet Booking Engine provides instant access to the modules and Content Management System (CMS) that support you in creating and managing landing pages to retain the website’s organic reach.


   Improves Site Maintenance

    User-friendly Features

   Quick Content Integration

Multi-Payment Gateway

Integrating multiple payment gateways in your business model drives faster revenue growth. ClarityIBE enables you to integrate with multiple online payment options like credit cards, debit cards, multiple cards, etc. and also ensures secure online transactions during the booking process.


   Higher International Sales

    Backup Purpose

   More Analytical Data

Multi-GDS Support

Our new business model will offer suppliers better ways to merchandise their travel products. We provide suppliers with the ability to access content from multiple sources across the globe.


   Global Market Reach

    Increased Pricing Transparency

   Bundling Options

Multilingual & Multi-Currency Support

We provide multi-language and multi-currency options that benefit your travel business to connect with international customers. 


   Improved Organic Visibility

    Reduced Transaction Costs

   Easier Financial Dealings

Distribution & Development Strategy

ClarityIBE will not just provide you travel products to sell it successfully. We also help you in analyzing the existing business model and offer development strategies with efficient travel technology solutions.  


   Reduced Management Costs

    Enhanced Customer Service

   Real-Time Inventory Tracking

PCI DSS Certified

We are a PCI DSS certified Travel Technology Company, and our security standards will help you secure your confidential payment card data against fraud. Utilizing our Data Security Standard minimizes the implementation costs and lead time.


   Build Customer Trust

    Data Breach Prevention

   Global Security Standards


What are you waiting for? Contact us today to discuss your business goals and what we can offer you.

Clarity Travel Technology Solutions is pleased to offer you our ClarityIBE platform. Your travel website doesn’t only let your customers search for fares but they can also book online. Imagine making revenue 24×7. Our fully automated Internet Booking Engine is integrated with automated ticketing solutions for your travel business that is simple and user friendly.