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What is Clarity Global Ticketing System?

Global Ticketing System is a B2B2B and B2B2C ticketing system that works in the backend by empowering the travel portal through encapsulated API solutions. The API solutions are intended to purchase tickets from travel suppliers to the consumers globally.  

Our Global Ticketing System is an exclusive management tool developed to provide a comprehensive set of ticketing solutions to your travel businesses in the competitive marketplace. 

ClarityGTS offer an efficient ticketing system that responds instantly and accurately to the service demand of your customers – all at a single streamlined interface!

What is Clarity Global Ticketing System

Why Choose ClarityGTS?

Booking a ticket is just the beginning of the process. ClarityGTS offers you the platform to provide your customers with a complete booking experience from the moment they search for an itinerary, purchase tickets, and till the moment they visit the destination and beyond.

Clarity Global Ticketing System is the product of Clarity Travel Technology Solutions, which fulfills the requirement of all-sized travel business ticketing solutions through a Single API Integration. In addition, our API Integration allows IATA and Non-IATA agents the power to resell tickets with the best fares.

Our ClarityGTS tool is equipped with the best ticketing technology to adapt to the needs of a wide variety of businesses. Automation is the key to any latest online travel business. Our Global Ticketing System automates all your ticket booking and post-booking services effectively to run your business.

Taking advantage of our expertise gathered from more than a decade, you will be equipped with our innovative technological solutions and un-disrupted simple user interface designed to increase your agency productivity.

With years of experience, we have been innovating our ticketing solutions for travel agents and agencies, and we have built a strong and dynamic platform for the travel industry. With our dedicated 24/7 technical support, we help you integrate all airline data, simplifying and accelerating your booking process. 

We offer travel suppliers to accept, process and respond to the tickets requested by their customers; We help you extend your business sales outside of your regular ticket sales through our global platform – Our Global Ticketing Solutions is all you need! We give you a complete package of automated ticketing solutions required for your travel agency.

Our Product Offerings

Clarity’s Global Ticketing System provides an online booking platform with superior business flexibility and operational efficiency. In addition, clarity Travel Technology Solutions continue to provide more travel services and technological features for your travel business to thrive in the evolving travel marketplace.

Seamless Ticket Issuance

Streamlines business procedures and enables all e-ticketing features for travel agencies to guarantee uninterrupted ticket issuing. Whether you are registered with IATA or not, buying and selling tickets is now made possible. With the advancement of global ticketing solutions, non-IATA/IATA travel agents can now work without the need for an IATA certification.


   Automated Ticketing Process

    Increased Efficiency Of Operations

   High Volumes Of Ticketing Requests

Customizable Modules

Ready-to-use ticketing modules & solutions that can be easily customized to fit your needs. Not all ticketing solutions can be the same, and customized utilization of the ticketing solution is essential for a travel business to increase its profit radically. A customized ticketing solution should have personalized displays, pricing rules, payment gateways, and more for diverse clients and channels.


   Saves Time & Money

    Tailor-Made System

   Easy Compatibility

Automated Ticketing Exchange

Easily exchange the tickets with our automated ticketing feature that gives you the highest level of searching and repricing options. Save the workforce activities of exchanging bulk requests through our automated ticketing system, which offers low fares, zero exchange fees and prompt responses on exchanges.


   End-To-End Automated Exchanges

    Increase Ticketing Productivity

   Better Customer Service

Multi-Currency Management

Instant access to multi-currency transactions depends on the demography of the customers. Aids in managing your purchases and sales in the currency of your customers. You can efficiently manage and receive from any internet payment gateway from any part of the world with a multi-currency option. The multi-currency option aids travel businesses in pricing their products and services in various currencies of major countries.


   Competitive Advantages

    Multi-channel Transactions

   Currency Conversions

Diverse Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are third-party solutions that not only handle transactions but also assure data security. It is being used to facilitate monetary operations between passengers and low-cost airlines. Not every traveller makes use of the same payment mechanism. As a result, providing access to the payment mechanism or gateway that your consumer prefers is a requirement.

ClarityGTS provides you with quick and safe access to many payment channels. Even the time it takes for payments to be accepted from any of those payment gateways is the shortest. ClarityGTS connects with the majority of the existing payment gateways available to your customers, making it more user-friendly.


   Lowest TAT Time

    Multi-Payment Gateway

   Customer Friendly

Multi-Sales Channel

The technique of selling your items through more than one sales channel is known as multichannel selling. Selling via various sales channels, regardless of size, gives retailers an advantage when competing with larger merchants. However, this necessitates a strong network. ClarityTTS provides all the features required to support multi-sales channels. ClarityGTS provides comprehensive sales assistance in channels such as B2B, B2B2B, and B2B2C, as well as other sales alternatives.


   High Networking

    All-Sales Assistance

   Ticketing Efficiency

Real-Time Access

Real-time access is essential in the volatile travel business because you never know what will happen and when. Cancellations and booking swaps might occur at any moment. If you are not alerted, you will risk significant income loss owing to unsold tickets. 

ClarityGTS can help you here with our effective Cloud-based solution, which provides you with real-time updates on pricing and seat availability in all editions of your websites. The real-time access in our post-booking management function enables your travellers to make adjustments to their tickets, such as adding supplementary services, changing seats, changing flights, or cancelling bookings.


   Increased Product Upselling

    Pricing & Seat Availability Alerts

   Updated Post-booking Services


Whatever the size of your business, we can optimize your business operations through our innovative travel technology solutions.

ClarityTTS provides all the benefits with ClarityGTS for your ticketing, even if you are not IATA certified. We eradicate all barriers to ticketing and post-ticketing services by providing comprehensive assistance 24/7.