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What is Clarity Group Revenue Management?

Clarity’s Group Revenue Management is a B2B white-label management technological tool created specifically for travel planners and group travel businesses to handle common to unforeseen issues and make group reservations easier than before.

A group booking software is used to make reservations for any size travel party. We provide the greatest technological solutions for meeting and conference booking management. 

ClarityGRM is a quotation-based component that offers all the necessary logistical support. The system provides an easy group booking option that allows you to make a reservation for groups of any size. You may use the system to administer various groups, such as leisure, meetings/conferences/exhibitions, alumni groups, and others that do bookings with you.

Clarity’s Group Revenue Management is an innovative tool to manage travel group bookings that provides an easy-to-customize interface that represents your brand, minimizes friction in the sales process to speed up transactions, and provides clients with a good modern user experience using multiple secure payment gateways.

Why Choose ClarityGRM?

ClarityTTS will be an excellent Hands-on Development partner, contributing to your progress in more ways than you may think! In a short time, you may create numerous trips way in the future and fill most of them. You may focus more on lead income-producing operations now that administrative duties will be greatly reduced.

 As ClarityGRM connects with any service provider, we assist you in seizing new opportunities. We make the inquiry-quotation-booking procedure as quick as possible.

ClarityGRM provides you with an admin panel to handle and keep track of the booking, enrollment, accounting and listing processes. ClarityGRM improves the overall performance of your business by monitoring offline bookings and incorporating them into reporting and accounting, as well as retrieving real-time contractual rates.

ClarityGRM provides you with access to special discounted fares with flexible regulations to meet the demands of your consumers. It is a quotation-based module since we give you several estimations and price alternatives to select from.

ClarityGRM manages different group kinds by providing multiple services from a single platform. We have a solid infrastructure in place for safe payment gateways. Our group booking management software supports multiple languages and currencies.

ClarityGRM empowers you with all the necessary features for you to manage your travel group bookings and its revenue management. We offer a customized design that is compatible with all devices, from desktops to smartphones. This makes it easier to provide updates and all the required information of the group bookings to your customers on any of the devices they use.

ClarityGRM allows you to capture all the data from group reservations for future use, allowing you to learn and understand the customer’s behaviour, allowing you to develop bundles and discounts that benefit both you and your customer.

For effective booking and to minimize revenue leakage, we give real-time seat availability alternatives and pricing data. Payment transactions are risky, therefore we cover you here as well by providing access to numerous payment gateways and making them fast and secure.

Travellers always expect filtering options since it allows them to narrow down a big number of alternatives and select the ones that will suit their budget, location, or any other criteria they expect to proceed with. As a result, ClarityGRM has included them to make it easier for your customers to buy tickets with you.

Complete inventory controls and end-to-end operational control are two critical components of revenue management for group travel reservations. As a result, we made certain not to overlook these, as ClarityTTS is constantly mindful of not disappointing our clients at any cost. We improve the Customer Experience by allowing you to accept bespoke requests for groups within the system. 

We will be with you throughout your travel business journey since our skilled professionals are available to assist you in all aspects of your business 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Product Offerings

Clarity’s Group Revenue Management helps eliminate complexities and make group bookings a whole lot easier for small to large-sized enterprises. Clarity Travel Technology Solutions continue to provide more travel services and technological features for your travel business to thrive in the evolving travel marketplace.

Vital Data Access

ClarityGRM evaluates, maintains, and proposes potential revenue management strategies based on critical performance data using data analytics.


   Risk predictions

    Alternative management strategies

   Performance-based customization

Transparent Negotiator

ClarityGRM enables cost transparency between you and your customer with no interference and keeps a record of it to customize future pricing.


     Customer Satisfaction

    Gains Customer Trust

    Efficient Pricing

Precise Revenue Estimations

ClarityGRM assists with a pricing strategy with real-time pricing details to help you set fares that are lucrative for you and reasonable for your clients.


   Special Discounted fares

    Flexible conditions

   Various Options for customers

Customer Quote Negotiation

ClarityGRM empowers you to let consumers and servicing agents negotiate fair pricing through a single platform, not worrying about making incorrect decisions.


     Informed Decision Making

    Advantageous Pricing for both parties

    Pricing Customization

Customizable Group request

ClarityGRM allows you to customize travel packages and provide pricing based on the priorities of your clients, be it direct consumers, individuals in a group, or travel agents.


   Group request adaptability

    Filter options

   Real-Time Group Pricing

Controlled Inventory

ClariyGRM gives you complete inventory and operational control to increase bookings while eliminating the concern of overbooking any amenity.


     Efficient Product Allocation

    Discounting Capability

    Set Your Own Rules


Be the master in your business with our End-to-end group revenue management tools.

Not only is the platform stable, but ClarityTTS is continually developing our products based on client feedback. We provide excellent customer service as well as training opportunities