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4 Factors To Consider When Picking A Travel Technology Partner

The travel industry has a plethora of technology providers, making it difficult to pick one. As a result, selecting a travel technology for your company should be a tiresome task. With constantly developing technologies, market changes, and an unstable environment, your travel technology partner should be able to meet your demands at all times, with experience and industry leadership, to drive travel innovation that puts you ahead of the competition throughout the years ahead.

Few factors to consider are the travel technology provider’s experience in the sector, if your demands align with their expertise, how effectively they curate solutions, their collaborations with other firms, future innovation, their accomplishments with comparable businesses, their ambitions, and their depth of knowledge and experience to understand and assist your business from beginning to finish.

All of this should have convinced you that approaching the proper technology partnership is a challenging feat. To make this process easier and to help you narrow down your list of possible travel technology partners, here are some considerations to evaluate while you hunt for the ideal partner.

1. Expertise In Business Travel & The Traveller Experience

This is a basic but critical step in identifying travel technology providers who serve travel businesses all around the world in all modes of transportation, including air, land, and sea travel. Enterprise-wide systems and automatic customization are essential. Because it allows customers to plan, browse, and book within the confines of corporate travel policy, as well as with your chosen travel partners.

The demand for personalization and simplified operations is paramount. As a result, your travel technology supplier should be able to assist you in striking the proper mix between individualization and travel expense management. Furthermore, the technical solutions that your supplier may offer should include next-generation solutions to where it is open to innovations in travel management and the travel experience of the future.

2. A Strong Global Network Of Partners

To thrive in any industry, you must have a strong network. As a result, the travel technology provider with whom you intend to collaborate should have well-established professional relationships with TMCs, suppliers, and third-party technology partners. Your technology partner should be ideally equipped to promote innovation, revolutionize business travel, provide actual value, and be experienced in providing a seamless traveller experience.

The network should be more than just a collection of naming partnerships; it should be an expert team leading the industry’s transformation toward New Distribution Capability (NDC) for next-generation marketing, distribution, and fulfilment. Possessing strong relationships guarantees NDC benefits for stakeholders throughout the travel ecosystem, benefiting your success.

3. Aimed At Accomplishing Your Travel Programme Objectives

Travel policies are the foundation of travel management, and travel managers are obligated to deliver the greatest traveller experience while adhering to these regulations to meet cost management objectives. The ideal travel technology partner for your company should be able to comprehend and assist travel managers in accomplishing this with maximum efficiency and policy compliance.

Business travel is crucial in the development of enterprises and may be the determining factor in everything from work happiness to business performance. The travel policy of an organization, the booking and reservation procedure, safety and security policies and efforts, employee well-being policies for travel, the cost accounting process, and even the pre-trip permission procedure all have a significant impact on work satisfaction. As a result, an ideal travel technology partner should be well experienced in offering solutions geared for managing business travel from booking to expenditure to the duty of care while providing your travellers with a user experience they expect. These solutions should be dependable, adaptive, and responsive to changing traveller expectations, resulting in improved traveller satisfaction and compliance. They should include booking, itinerary and messaging, virtual payments, expenditure reporting, and travel risk management in their solutions. 

They should also properly convey your travel programme to the traveller to aid them in making the appropriate decisions and give them access to extensive travel alternatives and negotiated prices. Modern corporate booking systems should be capable of improving supplier and contract administration, automating procedures, clearly identifying in-policy and preferred choices, and optimizing policy compliance and savings. Your travel technology partner should be able to meet all the above objectives, as well as adjust them to your specific travel program’s needs today and in the future.

4. A Competent Faithful Counselor And Ally

Your travel technology partner should be able to meet your specific travel programme and traveller experience needs. They should be able to provide specialized teams to give onsite help and online training at each step of your company’s development. They should be able to properly understand the difficulties of fulfilling corporate goals to assist you in achieving bigger outcomes and staying ahead of the competition. Their responsibilities include providing insightful analysis, recommendations, and technical knowledge at every stage. They must be customer-centric, active, and responsive through customer advisory boards, customer interactions, and industry events while amplifying the voice of the customer through all channels and prioritizing you in the industry.

ClarityTTS-The Best Choice

All the aforementioned considerations are of primary importance to Clarity Travel Technology Solutions. ClarityTTS’s solutions are personalized to your specific company needs since we think one size does not suit all. We have a global presence and a well-known global network of industry leaders. Our specialized teams of veteran experts handle best practices, provide round-the-clock onsite assistance and training, and expose crucial industry insights and trends, guaranteeing you to manage your future travel demands for long-term success. ClarityTTS also specifies each product to meet the demands of each part of your organization.

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