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3 Essential Measures For You To Sell Flights Online

People can now easily travel around the world thanks to the increased opening of global markets. People are always on the go, whether for work, vacation, or even relocation. As a result, the travel industry is an extremely profitable business sector.

With over a decade of experience in the travel industry and cutting-edge technical solutions for any travel business, who better provides you with the best recommendations to start selling flights online through a website or app?

We’ll walk you through each of the 3 simple steps needed for you to start selling flights online in this blog article. We’ll wrap up by describing how we can provide you with everything you need in one location, allowing you to get fully operational and sell flights in days or weeks rather than months.

1. Get to be an authorized travel agency–or work with one

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You cannot just approach an airline and request permission to sell tickets on their behalf. Airlines require a trustworthy assurance from a credible organization to believe you. For this, you must be a licensed travel agency or work in collaboration with one.

ARC (Airlines Reporting Corporation) is in charge of credentialling in the United States. At the same time, IATA (International Air Transport Association) is in charge of it throughout the rest of the world.

However, being an authorized travel agency does not involve just filling out a short online form. You must do the following:

  • With audited corporate accounts, you should demonstrate your firm’s financial soundness.
  • You should furnish a bond or bank guarantee in the amount of $50,000.
  • You should invest more than $1,000 in application and setup expenses.

Still, you cannot offer flights immediately after submitting your application. Your certification will be processed in about 90 days.

It’s not that is all once you’ve earned your accreditation. To get ticketing authorization, you must first establish a connection with each airline, which might take months per airline. You will also be required to renew your certification every year, incur additional expenses and administrative burdens.

If you want to sell your tickets through a different channel, you can work with an existing licenced travel agency termed as a “consolidator” or “host agency.” You will then have to pay additional setup fees, commission on the tickets you sell, and maybe a few extra bucks for ticket changes and cancellations.

2. Integrate into airline systems to find and make bookings

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You’ll require integrating with a flight API if you plan to start offering flights from your website or app. Only then will you be able to see search results and make reservations. It is better to say that you’ll need the means to access the reservation systems of airlines.

It takes time and money to connect with each airline one by one. To avoid them, most travel merchants use the assistance of technology suppliers. These technology providers are referred to as “aggregators.” They perform the work for you, saving you time and money. They connect with carriers worldwide and combine them and present them on a single platform from which you may pick.

The “global distribution systems” are the most prevalent aggregators (GDSs). These tools, which were initially introduced in the 1970s and 1980s, are quite strong and provide a wide variety of airlines. Still, they require a thorough grasp of the travel industry’s technicalities to operate.

GDSs are quick, efficient, user-friendly, and developer-friendly. However, it provides more than just a straightforward ticket booking experience by giving additional ancillary services, such as extra baggage and seat choices.

However, GDSs alone will not suffice in 2021. If you want to provide your consumers with a variety of airline alternatives and let them select the best price, you’ll need to augment the GDSs with:

  • a low-cost carrier (LCC) expert who can give you multiple airline options.
  • an NDC aggregator to obtain the best pricing for various full-service carriers (FSCs).

3. Prepare to handle your clients’ reservations

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Using APIs for automation allows you to take new bookings simple as a pie. However, things get out of hand when consumers want to alter flights, reschedule, or when airlines change flight itineraries on short notice.

Using a travel agent appears to be a bygone era. However, believe us when we say that even in 2021, the necessity for an expert travel agent is a necessity. Only the experience of a travel agent can assist you with the finest alternatives for managing your customers’ bookings and allowing them to go to any part of the world.

To process bookings following airline laws and avoid airline fines, such as “agency debit memos” or ADMs, a thorough understanding of the travel business is required. Worse, if people arrive at the airport and cannot fly, you should have a readymade solution and respond as quickly as possible.

Travel agents, for instance, understand the distinction between an RBD and an MCT and may inform you that American Airlines only accepts refunds for schedule changes of 4 hours or more.

To overcome these challenges, you’ll need to employ a travel specialist for your team from the start, someone who is familiar with airline regulations and the technologies you’ll be utilizing.

What role do we play?

Registering with ClaritySSO is the quickest and most straightforward method to begin selling flights online. Once you register with us, you complete all the preceding processes at once. Integrating with our ClarityTTS API enables innovative solutions for your website. Joining hands with us and our products provides many benefits.

You might use your current host travel agency or join a ClaritySSO network host travel agency. ClaritySSO connects you to authorized travel agencies from all around the world. We allow you to sell flights right away by using our network of host travel agencies and airline partnerships.

We are linked to over 25 major airlines. With one easy, well-documented API, you can sell flights from all of them. To achieve the best fares, we leverage NDC with ClarityNDC and obtain direct links to low-cost carriers. With Clarity single-sign-on, you may access Air Consolidators all over the world and their pricing of Low-Cost Carriers and Major Airlines, which supports all GDSs with Direct NDCs, Airline NDCs, and Net & Branded Fares.

Working with several skilled travel agents over the years has provided us with travel agent expertise. Our team of experts is available to you 24/7. We assist you with your bookings and take on the stress of adhering to airline regulations.

ClaritySSO registration is entirely free. You will be charged nothing until you begin selling flights to consumers. Are you already loaded up? We have a lot more exciting features in store for you. To learn more, visit our home page, register with us and fly to new heights in the travel business.

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