Clarity Risk Management System

Key Benefits

  • – Multi-tier Agency Management
  • – White labelled Travel Platform
  • – Direct Airline Inventory
  • – Multi currency
Fraud detection technology built for the travel industry, identify and assesses the risks your business is vulnerable to during a card not present transaction.
Industry Templates
Conducts emphasized due diligence on sector specific risk profiles.
Cross Merchant Intelligence
Screens risks associated with dealing with third party vendors.
Device Fingerprinting
Stores data related to all transactions channeled via the payment portal.
Cross Parameter Checks
Analyze customer portfolio and payment history before accepting payment.
Real Time Mapping
Monitors and flags down payments with irregularities.
IP Geolocation
Conducts due diligence on all incoming payments.
Minimize the financial risks while handling CNP transactions. Secured with ClarityRMS
Securing your customer and your business is equally important as generating revenue. Validate and verify sensitive information to eliminate the fraudulent risks.
Being updated is important as being in the business. Travel business and technology are rapidly changing games, keep up with the pace.
We bring you the latest updates in the industry.
It is a pleasure to be served with such passion that is consistent. Setbacks are an inevitable in allavenues of life but what is important in business is that you be forthcoming with regard to it; there are other businesses that are depending on your execution. In this sense, wehave had a transparent relationship with our travel technology partner.
Kriestian JonnathanDirector of marketing