Clarity Group Revenue Management

Key Benefits

  • – Manage Easily
  • – Reduced turn-around time
  • – Zero Revenue Leakage
  • – Multiple Payment Options
  • – Group Follow up
  • – Transparent Negotiator
Reach breakthrough milestones by evaluating and monitoring incoming cluster requests-generate special airfares for group travel, quickly and effectively.
Manage Easily
Takes a more holistic approach to managing group bookings through a solution more concentrated on handling multiple requests for a transaction.
Reduced turn-around time
No more customer or travel agent disappointments when booking group travels. Digitize the process and be more efficient in handling group travel queries.
Zero Revenue Leakage
Single interface to manage and handle the complete group booking process. Higher conversion rate and increase in customer loyalty.
Multiple Payment Options
There is not only one way of handling payments, tell us about your payment options and we will accommodate the airline requirements for payment options.
Group Follow up
Follow up with customers at a personal level or send scheduled reminders to tour leads for payments and passenger name updates on set time limits.
Transparent Negotiator
Let the customer and the servicing agent negotiate the prices via a single platform. Keep track of all correspondence and empower your travelers.
Group bookings made convenient like never before. Sell with ClarityGRM
Eliminate the manual process for group bookings. Mismanagement of group booking has left the airline in revenue leakage. We found a way to make it simple!
Being updated is important as being in the business. Travel business and technology are rapidly changing games, keep up with the pace.
We bring you the latest updates in the industry.
The one thing we had going for us to grow into the operation we are today is the support andtechnical assistance we received from CLARITY TTS.I would like to extend my gratitude to John Smith who has been our relationship manager from day one. The most distinctive feature of ClarityTTS is the fact that the support team was available for us all around the clock. We automated the group booking process, easy and fast!
Kriestian JonnathanDirector of marketing